Getting Loose

When you first learn a new skill, craft or art form you often bring a freshness and passion that tends to get lost as it becomes more practiced and refined.  Raw energy is sublimated beneath technical control.  Randomness and  instinct become patterned and trained.   It is hard to stay loose and spontaneous.

Because I experience this in my own sculpting I was pleased at a recent request to help translate a friend’s life changing experience into a 3-d reminder.  While speeding down the highway on a motor scooter road trip, my friend skidded on a patch of gravel and crashed, narrowly missing eternity.   He gathered remnants of his bike and brought them to me to construct a sculpture that he could keep as a reminder to slow down in all aspects of his life and a provoke thought about why he’d been in such a hurry.

To work with him on such a visceral project I stepped completely out of my normal working approach and rhythm.  The result was a sculpture with a directness and naivete that had nearly disappeared from my sculpting repertoire.   It was immensely energizing and a great way to start 2012.  Hope you like it:


"Speeding Nowhere" Mixed media scooter crash remnants.



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