Try A Little Perspective Shift

Maybe looking at sculpture can provide a little life lesson now and then. When viewing sculpture, even a small shift in perspective, where your place your focus, the time of day, how close you stand, can make a big difference in what you see and how you respond.  Recently I was photographing a sculpture from several angles in order to convey it’s full character to a client who had never seen it in person.  While shooting from many angles I started thinking about a situation in my personal life.  I thought about the parallel between viewing my sculptures and the issues in my life.  Where was my focus, what was my perspective, how close was I?  If I shifted just a little, how would I feel or respond.  It’s not a new lesson; just one I seem to learn and forget and have to re-learn.  Please enjoy these views of “Here and Now” taken not far from the welding table.

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